Sunday, December 2, 2018

Holiday Wear with Motherhood Maternity

DRESS: here || SHOES: here || Necklace: here || Lip Color: here || Foundation: here

Writing this blog post from the holiday filled streets of NYC! Ah it is SO amazing here y'all. I have been to New York lots of times before when I was younger training for dance. We used to come the week of New Years Eve to rehearse for New Year's Day shows we performed in, so I spent a few of my NYE watching the ball drop on the street! BUT I have never been to NYC to just explore without a schedule and I LOVE IT! It is such a different experience! I will do a full post all about my trip to NYC soon, but today I wanted to share a really fun holiday wear post with y'all!

Today on the blog, I am sharing a super simple holiday look for us soon-to-be mamas with Motherhood Maternity. For me, it is ALL about being comfortable when I am out at events right now, and Motherhood Maternity has the PERFECT options for being dressy but still comfortable during the holiday festivities! This dress in particular is one of my favorites-- the color and fit are so flattering on anyone, in my opinion! I will link all my outfit details below, as well as some other options from Motherhood Maternity that I am loving. 

Thank you to Motherhood Maternity for sponsoring today's post

Thursday, November 22, 2018


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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

My Secret Weapon to Always Looking Well Rested

Hi babes! Life has been crazy busy lately with work and just life in general. It can be extremely difficult to get enough rest every night with my mind constantly running with the millions of things on my to-do list, especially with my pregnancy insomnia being in full swing. BUT I have a few tricks up my sleeve that help me look well rested and fresh no matter how many zzz's I get the night before that I wanted to share with y'all for today's post.

1. Drink ALL the water:: 
I know I personally struggle with getting my daily water intake every single day, but recently I have been trying much harder to drink at least two liters of water every day. On the days that I drink enough, I can tell a HUGE difference in not only how fresh and awake my skin looks but in my energy level. This tip may seem old school, but I promise it works. My trick is to chug water when I wake up before I get my coffee fix. It is almost like I reward myself for drinking water with my coffee. LOL. I also usually drink a lot of my water at night with dinner or before bed if I haven't had a lot during the day. Keeping water on your nightstand can help you get in those extra ounces you need! 

2. Exercise First Thing
Even if you are extremely tired, doing at least minimal exercise within the first hour of waking up will help you look and feel more energized. By exercising first thing, you get your body moving, get your blood flowing, and also give you that healthy, awake glow. We all know endorphins make you happy and exercising boosts your endorphins, which will in turn put you in a better mood, too! 

3. Oxygen Eye Masks
This trick is definitely the one I recommend the most! I have been using oxygen eye masks from VIIcode for the past three weeks now and I can tell a HUGE difference in my under eye area. My dark circles have been intensely reduced and are not as puffy as they usually are when I haven't gotten enough sleep. What I love the most about the VIIcode Oxygen Eye Masks is how you wear them overnight. I always dread doing masks, because I am a little impatient and don't like waiting to take the masks off. With these oxygen eye masks, you can put them on before going to bed and keep them on for roughly 6-8 hours, meaning you can just remove them once you wake up. How easy is that? I also love to keep my masks in the fridge to achieve the maximum benefits of the mask. The cooler the patches are the better they work. I use my eye masks every other night (3 nights a week) and the box has lasted me about two full weeks. 

**Thank you so much to VIIcode for sponsoring this post**

Thursday, October 25, 2018

23 Week Bumpdate + How I Found Out I Was Pregnant

This post is LOOOONG overdue and my most requested one! Life has been crazy, but I finally had to time to sit down and write it allll out for y'all! So definitely get a snack or glass of wine, because this is a long one. 👶

How I Found Out
Honestly, I get this question multiple times a day everyday and I totally get! I LOVE hearing how other girls found out they were pregnant--I think everyone's different stories are so interesting and sweet! To be honest, I didn't know for quite some time. I found out right after Fourth of July weekend and I was well into my first trimester by then. So here is the full story for ya ladies-- just a little warning if you're a male I get into some girly details you may not want to read LOL:

Pretty much all summer I had not been feeling too hot-- just not myself. The weather was crazy hot here in Texas and everyone was complaining about headaches/feeling sick, so I just was assuming that was what was going on with me. If I am being 100% honest, I kinda felt like something else was going on with me, whether it be that I was super sick or maybe not drinking enough water, etc. So, I guess it was around middle of June that I started getting VERY nauseous. Like VERY. I actually had to leave a few important events I was attending, because I could not stop running to the bathroom/ sit in my chair without feeling like I was going to pass out. I definitely thought that was weird, but it went away, so I assumed it was just a virus or stomach bug, since my sickness was coming at night and not in the morning. 

**(A lot of y'all at this point are probably thinking 'NICOLE, HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW? Didn't you have other signs-- skipping cycle, etc'. The non TMI version to explain all of that is that I have never had a regular cycle and I am used to having one round of mother nature a year, due to the BC rod I have had inserted in my arm for the past 3 years. Just wanted to clarify before y'all thought that I had lost my mind LOL)**

Fast forward to the weekend after the Fourth of July. Kenneth and I went on a float trip with a few of his friends in San Antonio and I am telling ya the smell of alcohol made me run. Any time we went to eat, I could not sit by anyone's drinks without wanting to run to the bathroom. I couldn't even take a sip of my wine without wanting to spit it back out and if you know me, you know that I love myself a good glass of wine, so that was very odd. I had to come early every night we were out, because I felt like I was going to pass out. So that's when I finally was like ok I am thinking something else is going on here. 
Obviously, whenever we got back home, I took a test (like a million, because lets be real no one takes just one LOL) and they were all clear as day positive. I went the next morning to confirm with a sonogram and I have never cried so hard. Being a mom has always been my biggest goal and dream in life and seeing a little baby on the screen just made me totally loose it. I can't even describe the feeling because it is like nothing else, but it is the most INCREDIBLE and amazing feeling when someone confirms your biggest dream is coming true. 

First Trimester
If you read the first part of this post, you know that I was pretty sick the first half of my trimester. After I found out, which was around 8 weeks gestation (6 weeks really), I swear it is like my body was like okay perfect now you are going to get REALLY sick since you know why. 

I would lay on the couch all day long, get sick on and off all day, and the headaches were unreal. I hate to be a complainer, because I am not trying to be at all and this baby girl is such a blessing, but my first trimester was rough. This is also how I had a gut feeling the that she was a girl, since typically you get much sicker with girls. I am pretty sure my food groups included chicken nuggets and toast, because the salt would help settle my stomach. For some reason, those were the only things I could keep down without feeling sick. Weird pregnancy symptoms, am I right? LOL

I would also like to take this time to brag on Kenneth for being the world's best human ever. I was not a happy camper and he was there for me no matter what I needed or if I just wanted to sleep he would sit there and let me sleep on him. I truly don't think I could have managed without him. 

During the first trimester, we did the genetic blood test at week 12, because we were just SO anxious and excited that we could not wait until the next sonogram. Funny story about our reactions on this-- the doctor accidentally slipped to me the gender at my appointment before our gender reveal. Kenneth and I had both decided we wanted to do a gender reveal and also both not know what the baby was until the reveal, so obviously this altered our plans a bit. I am actually super impressed, because after my appointment I let Kenneth know that the doctor accidentally told me and he STILL did not want to know and wait a few more days. Like I said before, I always had a gut feeling that she was a girl so whenever the doctor confirmed it I was sooooo giddy about it, but tried my best to hide it from Kenneth. Doing this, actually made him think that she was a boy, because of how I was acting, which is why if you watch our gender reveal video, his reaction is priceless because he was totally wrong. 😂

Second Trimester
The second trimester has been a BREEZE compared to the first 12 weeks. I really have not had any major symptoms, except the beautiful hormonal acne that comes with sweet baby girls. This is just something I have accepted at this point--sucking the beauty out of me as the old tale likes to call it LOL. Honestly, I will take a few breakouts though, because that is no big deal. 

Craving wise, I just always want to eat LOL. I haven't really had any weird cravings yet, but I eat pretty much whatever (I am not very picky, besides seafood) so I eat everything in site. Oh-- i take that back-- I have had a really weird craving for chocolate chip Poptarts. Like I NEED them always. So random 😅

I did get my second sonogram done during week 20 and it was so amazing seeing how big she has gotten. Comparing the first sonogram to this last one is just WILD, because she looked like a little tiny human!! Yes, duh, I know that she is but it was the coolest thing to see. I do have an exterior placenta, so I was not able to feel anything until probably this past weekend too much. What that means is I basically have a pillow between my outer stomach and her, so any time she moves or kicks it is like she is kicking the pillow, not me, meaning it is much harder for me to feel her. However, this past weekend she had a major case of the hiccups and it kept me up for a few hours. She also kicks around a lot whenever I am in the shower and teaching dance, so Kenneth better watch out because I think he has another dancer on his hands. LOL. 

Honestly, I have never been so excited! Kenneth and I have dated on and off forever (a little over 8 years now to be exact) and seriously I could not imagine a better dad to raise kiddos with. We are both giddy little kids about our sweet baby girl and could not be more thankful for this amazing little blessing. 

If y'all have any other questions, leave them in the comments below or DM me on my Instagram!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Current Beauty Favorites with Stage Stores

Hi y'all!! Recently I have incorporated a few new items into my weekly beauty routine for the colder months coming up. I dont know about y'all but my skin gets extra dry when it is cold outside, so I have to add a few very moisturizing products into my routine to help maintain my skin.

1. Estee Lauder DayWear Eye Cooling Anti-Oxidant Moisture GelCreme: I am always on the hunt for new eye creams and products, because I just don't feel like you can ever have enough to help ya out with under eye problems. I have been using this cooling gel for a little over two weeks now and I am OBSESSED. The cucumber extract cools and reduces under eye bags and keeps your under eyes extremely hydrated.

2. Philosophy Amazing Grace Firming Lotion: This lotion has been my lifesaver lately. For starters, I love the neutral smell of it so you are not mixing a million different scents with your perfume. I love using this when I use my self tanner on the drier areas (knees, elbows, etc.) and it truly helps my self tanner go on sooo much smoother. I also have been using it with my stretch mark products on my stomach to help give myself some extra moisturizer (stretch marks are just not an option over here-- i refuse LOL). Truly though, I cannot recommend this firming lotion enough. I highly recommend adding this into your daily routine. Your skin will feel so hydrated and firm. 

3. Philosophy Purity Deep Clean Mask: I have been using this mask about 1-2 times a week for the past few weeks and it gets your skin CLEAN. Like really clean. My skin has been a hormonal roller coaster, so I love the days when I use this mask at night, because my skin truly feels brand new. I also love that you only have to leave it on for 60 seconds and then rinse, so this mask is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to wait forever for a normal mask to dry. 

Stage Beauty Stores is having an AMAZING Beauty Bash Sale going on for the next few days of October (ending October 23rd), so definitely make sure you take care of snagging these products and others that are part of the big event while you can get them discounted! They have new deals every single day! 

**Thank you so much to Stage Stores for sponsoring this post**

Monday, October 1, 2018

Casual Slip Ons with Steve Madden

Shoes: Dillard's // Cardigan:: here // Sweater Hoodie:: here // 
Shorts:: here // Jeans:: here

Happy Monday y'all! I am so excited to be partnering today with Steve Madden for this fun post. I have been shopping at Steven Madden before I can remember, because their shoes are amazing quality for an even better price. I am pretty positive I still have a pair of Steve Madden shoes from when I was in middle school, if that tells ya anything! 

If you have been following me for a bit now, you know that I am ALL about a good combo of comfortable and causal style that can work any day and anywhere. These Steve Madden slip on sneakers fit right into that category. They truly go with EVERYTHING and are so unbelievably comfortable to wear all day long. Most slip on shoes can look a little bleh and not so feminine but I love the quilted look of these that give it a girly but edgy feel. 

Y'all have been just loving these sneakers, which is amazing, but I also wanted to take this time on the blog to share more so the meaning behind the message in this campaign with Steve Madden X Gen Steve. The whole purpose is to blur the generational lines and focus more so on the individual in all of us. I personally LOVE this campaign, because I am all about everyone being true to who they are and just really not caring what anyone else thinks! Being yourself is truly the best feeling! Am I right? I am beyond thankful and blessed to have this incredible platform to share my love for fashion and life in general with y'all, but what truly makes me love what I do is when I get to connect with y'all on an authentic level. There is nothing I love more than connecting with followers through messages, comments, emails, etc. I love hearing everyone's stories and what makes them unique and individual. Being yourself and going after your dreams (such as blogging) may not always be the easiest leap of faith, but I promise you will love life so much more by taking a chance and staying true to the individual in you. 

**Thank you to Steve Madden for sponsoring this post**

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Whats in my Amazon Cart

One of my favorite things to do is explore Amazon for hours... but really LOL. I am so excited about some items that I currently in my cart and on the way, so today I am going to share with you my current top picks from Amazon! 

1. Designer Dupe Belts: If you have been following me for a bit, you know that I am a sucker for finding a good designer duplicate. The designer belts are all really popular right now, but lets be real-- most of us are balling on a budget and don't want to spend $400+ for a belt. I have found and bought these dupe belts and wear them ALL the time. The quality is so great that you can't even tell they aren't the real deal. I highly recommend all of these. 

2. Detergent: Okay-- this one may seem silly but I swear this stuff smells like heaven. I used to use it for all my sheets and towels and a little goes a long way. To be honest, I totally forgot to reorder some once I moved and now I am about to order a super jumbo size. Diva is the scent to go with!

3. Two Pack Tees: These basic tees come in a pack of two and are only $18 for both--steal! There are a few different print and color options they come in and are perfect for layering or wearing by themselves.

4. Floppy Fedora Hat: I have been on the hunt for a good hat I can dress up, because this girl definitely does not feel like washing her hair all the time. The reviews on this hat are great and I have seen a few other bloggers wearing it in pictures-- so A+ on this $16 hat. I cannot wait for it to get here. 

5. White Marble Diffuser: I have also loved essential oils and diffusers, but since I have been pregnant I am seriously addicted to using them all the time! Diffusers are not the prettiest items to have lying around, so when I found this white marble diffuser it was a miracle!! Cannot recommend it enough!

6. Clothes: I could talk about each item individually, but I feel like that is a bit silly. These are a few items that were either backordered or have amazing reviews that I was able to finally go ahead and order! I cannot wait for all of it to come in. I will definitely do a big try on session with all of it! 

7. Ice Roller: The best $10 you will ever spend on your skin-- trust me!! I can tell a major difference in my skin when I use my ice roller everyday vs when I haven't in a while. Ice rollers help soothe redness, reduce puffiness, release toxins by flushing fluids from your face, tighten your jawline, shrink enlarged pores, brighten under eye circles, and improve blood circulation. All that for TEN DOLLARS! When I am really on my game, I will ice roll my face every morning (great way to wake up!) and at night before I go to bed after I have washed my face. 


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