Friday, April 28, 2017

24 Things I Have Learned by 24

Happy Friday everyone!! Today is my birthday (YAY!) and I thought it would be fun to do something a little bit different today. I am turning 24 years old, so I am going to be sharing twenty-four things I have learned in my 24 years. 

24 Things I Have Learned by 24:

1. Do what makes you happy and do more of it. In turn, don't waste your time on things you don't enjoy. 

2. Water really is essential. The more you drink the better you will feel AND look.

3. Don't waste your time on people that don't put an effort into your friendship/relationship. 

4. Start your morning off with a workout, even if you can only fit in a quick run.

5. Find a proper balance between eating healthy and eating whatever you want. You only get one bod.

6. Put a conscious effort into friendships.

7. You cannot control what happens in your life, but you can control how you handle it.

8. Hard work trumps knowledge.

9. Family is number one and without them we truly have nothing, so spend more time with them.

10. Let things go. Don't hold onto silly dramatic grudges from years ago.

11. Do not judge someone based on how they look or what you hear. I wouldn't have met some of my favorite humans ever if I would have listened to what I had heard (which 99% of the time is not true).

12. Everyone really does look and feel better with a tan (go get that spray tan girl).

13. Take care of yourself and your body. When you put effort into yourself, it will reflect in other aspects of your life.

14. Don't be a hoarder. If you haven't used/worn something in over a year, sell it or donate it.

15. Adding onto 14, go through your closet once a quarter. You will free up more space for new items, find things you forgot you had, and earn a little bit of extra cash for things that would have just been sitting there.

16. Mend friendships/relationships that you miss, even if its a simple "miss you lets go to lunch" text. Most of the time the other person is missing your friendship as well. If not, then you know it ended for the right reasons.

17. Go on a trip at least twice a year, even if it is a quick weekend road trip! Traveling is an experience you cannot put a price on. You would probably spend close to the same amount of money just hanging out in your city. 


19. Stop worrying about things you cant control. There is nothing you can do about them.

20. Life happens. Some memories are wonderful and some you may wish you could forget, but thats the joy of life! Be happy and make choices that make you proud of your life! You are going to mess up in the future and thats okay. Learn from your mistakes and you will have the best life ever!! 

21. Eat the extra cookie and order the glass of expensive wine

22. Hard work, determination, and a positive outlook go a long way at work and in life. 

23. Do not let the fear of failure hold you back from trying something that is your dream. Most people have to fail at something multiple times before they achieve it.

24. You will never know if you don't even try. A successful person does not become successful through not trying. 

What are some things you all have learned throughout life?
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 



  1. You're the cutest and look amazing in pink! Happy bday again love 💕

  2. Happy Birthday pretty girl!! I loved reading about all of your life lessons! You are beautiful inside and out!

    Lots of love,


  3. Great life lessons and cute outfit!!!



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