Tuesday, June 20, 2017

My Favorite Maxi Dress + Puppy Info + GIVEAWAY WINNER

Happy Tuesday Y'all! 
This past weekend has been very hectic over here in my home with the best new addition to the family: Teddy. I have been getting a lot of questions about Teddy so I thought I would answer them all for you here! 

Teddy's breed is a Teddy Bear (LOL) which is a mix between a shitzu and a bichon. He is 7 weeks old and coincidentally him and I share a BIRTHDAY! I am already counting down the days until our joint birthday party. I scooped him up at Third Monday Trade Days in Mckinney. My family and I have always had amazing luck there with great breeders/an amazing selection of pups! (side note: I have had lots of rescued animals as well, just so no one thinks I am biased) Jon and I had been talking about getting a dog for a while now and really just wanted to wait until we moved until a bigger place, BUT God had different plans because the second I saw Teddy I never put him back down. I think Jon has learned now that if he gives me the green light on something, I am going to do it. LOL. We absolutely LOVE Teddy and he is truly the sweetest little pup. If you all have any other questions about Teddy, feel free to ask them below! 

On to this amazing maxi dress! I could rave forever about this dress. I have a difficult time finding maxi dresses that are long to cover my long legs, but this dress is the PERFECT length! I especially love that you can wear heels/wedges with it and it is still a great length (I am wearing heels here in these pictures). I also really love the cutouts in the front, sides, and back of this maxi. The cutouts really give the maxi a good flow so it still is very flattering on your figure. If this maxi came in a million other colors and prints, no lie, I would own them all. I really don't rant like this about clothes too often, so I am telling y'all you need this maxi! This dress is from Pineapple Collective which is an AMAZING online bohemian style boutique. I truly love everything on their website and have heard nothing but great things from others who have bought clothes there. I would definitely shop around on their site all day if I could. I will leave the exact link to this dress below.

Congratulations!! You have 24 hours to contact me via dm on Instagram: @nicoleamcintosh :)

Make today an amazing one! 


MAXI DRESS | Pineapple Collective 

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  1. This maxi is literally perfection. I am SO obsessed. It fits you perfectly!! XO, Katy


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