Thursday, July 27, 2017

Four Ways I Stay Focused

I am a very busy girl working three jobs, keeping a social life, making time for Jon, taking care of my pets, etc., so something I get asked a lot is "how do you do it?". To be honest, it can be very overwhelming to be so busy all the time, but I really wouldn't have it any other way. Even Jon will tell you, I get SO bored when I have nothing to do. I love to stay busy and have things to look forward to. All that being said, I wanted to share with y'all my top ways I stay focused with a million things going on at once:

1. Write it out. 
If I do not write out everything I need to get done, more than likely most of it will not happen. I am a visual person , so having a written out list that I can hold in my hands and check tasks off is just PERFECT! Even if you aren't a visual person, maybe just make a list in your head of what all needs to get done and go from there! 

2. Prioritize
There are only 24 hours in the day and we do not have time to accomplish everything in one day. I have an agenda that I use to write down due dates, schedule blog posts and blog shoots, and other events. If there is something that I have a month to do versus something I need to get done in a day, I will obviously do the task that needs to get done today. It use to be really hard for me to not even touch the other task, but when you prioritize it makes your to-do list much smaller and you don't become as stressed. This being said also prioritize your life. You do not have to go to every single work event or go to all the weekly events. Take a night or two a week and just RELAX! The world will not end if you do not go to one event. 

3. Don't Procrastinate
I use to be the world's worst procrastinator in school. I would wait until the night before to start a HUGE project for a class (oops). I would get it done, but it would stress me out to no end. Now, I will plan out my blog shoots before. So if I know when I want to post about something I will start planning about it the week before. Doing this helps destress so much, so stay on top of your to-do list! 

4. Make Exercise a Priority
This is probably the most important tip that I have to stay sane when busy! If I do not wake up and get my morning workout in, my day is completely thrown off. Not only is working out great for you for physical health reasons, but also for mental health. When you workout it releases endorphins which in turn help your mind be happy and positive. The healthier you stay when busy, the easier it will be and you will look good while doing it LOL. 

I hope these tips help y'all stay sane when life gets crazy. I would love to hear your top tips too! 

I have linked all my outfit details below!

Have a wonderful day! 

XOXO- Nikki

**Thank you so much to Vestique for collaborating with me on this post**

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