Tuesday, July 18, 2017

How I Stay Prepared On The Go

Working three jobs (yes, three...) can become pretty hard to juggle at times, but I have found the better prepared you are, the easier your day is to manage. Today, I am going to share my TOP 3 ways I stay prepared, being constantly on-the-go.

#1) Keep portable chargers on you ALWAYS! It can be a bit of a hassle to make sure that you charge portable chargers the night before, but I promise it will make your life a million times easier the next day if you do. I have recently been loving my Fifth & Ninth  portable compact charger, which is a compact and a phone charger in one!!! Like what?!?! How cool is that. The compact also lights up (very similar to a Lumee case), so basically it is the coolest invention ever. I am constantly using my phone for work, so a full battery is something that is very important for me! I also use the portable charger to charge my work iPad, which is extra handy! 
**In addition to Fifth & Ninth's nifty charging devices, they have THE best phone cases (shown above) that have a protective front on them for busy girls like me that throw their phone in their bag quickly 😊

#2) Prep your bags the day before. For me, I have a change of clothes for my job later in the day (teaching dance), so I have to bring a bag of clothes to change into. This way I leave the house in the morning completely prepared for the rest of my day, so I can just go straight from one job to the next. On the days, where I have been running extremely behind and had to go by my apartment and grab clothes, it has not been a good time. Preparation the night before is key! 

#3) Last but not least.. make a list and stay organized! I like to make a list of everything I have to do for the day and one-by-one check off my tasks as the day goes on. A lot of the time we work ourselves up thinking that we have a lot more to do than we actually do! Making a list is a great way to keep your mind calm and in check. Going hand in hand with this, staying organized is also key. Keep your bag clean throughout the day. If you have a receipt or trash, don't just throw it in your bag. If you have a wallet that goes into a pocket, take the extra few seconds to place it in the pocket. I know it sounds super OCD, but you will thank yourself later when you don't have a bag full of crazy to clean out! LOL

I wold love to hear any tips y'all have on staying prepared on the go! 

Hope you have a wonderful day!


**Big Thank You to Fifth and Ninth for sponsoring this post** 

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