Thursday, October 26, 2017

My Beauty Must Haves

My 10 Beauty Must Haves: 

I was introduced to this about a year ago and I LOVE it! I use it when I shower on my arms and legs and my skin always feels extra soft when I use it. Honestly, I love it for shaving though in substitute for shaving cream. I promise y'all this a game changer. 

Having long thick hair (with extensions now) and being limited on time to get ready, dry shampoo is my best friend. I particularly love this one. 

Finding a good foundation can be such a miracle, especially for those of us with not so great skin (cough cough me!). I love this foundation for full coverage and it stays on all day. Even after teaching dance for ten hours and running errands, I can get home and my foundation still looks fresh. I would definitely go a shade lighter than what you are because this foundation dries a little darker. 

I have extremely dry skin and I am really rough on my hands, teaching/dancing all day. I keep this hand cream on me all the time and just love how effective yet light it is. 

I just added this particular pallet to my makeup routine and it is everything! This MAC pallet has every color you could truly imagine and they are perfectly pigmented, so they stay on. The price is affordable for how many different shades and colors you get in one pallet. 

If you are not using a setting spray yet in your daily makeup routine, I highly recommend it. I have been using this one for over two years and notice a significant difference when I do not use it in how quickly my makeup comes off during the day. I also spray my makeup brushes with it before applying my makeup to help it prime a bit better. 

My hair gets very dry since I do not cut it very often and curl it pretty often. This serum is amazing for smoothing and hydrating my hair, especially split ends. I use it almost every day to keep my hair extra healthy. 

I bought this serum over a year ago and I love what it has done for my skin. I haven't found another one that I love as much, so I keep going back to this one. A little goes a long way, so I just use a few drops on my face and my skin is instantly refreshed and renewed in the morning.

My hair has a hard time holding curls and this curling iron is totally worth the splurge. It has five different heat options, as well as several different barrels you can buy for it. I use the voluminous curls 1.5'' barrel on my hair. 

After incorporating this eyeshadow primer into my makeup routine, I noticed a big difference in how long my eyeshadow stays on. No lie: my eyeshadow does not move all day long when I use this. 

OUTFIT DETAILS:: SWEATER, TOP, and SKIRT: Southern Trends Boutique // BOOTS: Steve Madden

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