Thursday, February 1, 2018

What's in my Make Up Bag with Jon Hart + Teddy

A very requested post I get from y'all is about the makeup I use, so today on the blog I wanted to share my updated makeup routine and share what I keep in my Jon Hart makeup bag: 

I can't start talking about my makeup without talking about the bag I carry it in day to day. I am in LOVE with my Jon Hart Makeup Case (exact one here). What I really love about the case is the lining is black, so you can't see all the makeup smudges on the inside. The black lining keeps the makeup case looking clean and no which my OCD loves!! This rose pink color is brand new to the Jon Hart collection and has been selling like crazy-- it is that good of a makeup case people! 

Finding a long lasting, full coverage foundation was a game changer for me. Since I am always on the go, teaching dance, working on my blog, cheering, etc, I need a foundation that is going to be full coverage and last me all day long. This is my go-to foundation and I truly have no complaints about it. I will say to go one shade lighter than what you think because it does dry a little darker! I use this brush to apply it, which I feel helps it go on smoothly and evenly. 

I wear fake lashes fairly often, but I do prime my lashes with this mascara and use it on my bottom lashes to really make my eyes pop! I have been using this particular mascara for a few years now and still have not found one that I love as much. 

If you do not have a highlighter you love or use one at all, this one is a game changer. The color and shine is just enough to give you a glow without making you look a little cakey! LOL

I use this product under my eyes to brighten them up and set my concealer. Ever since using it, I feel like my face looks more awake and my makeup looks fresh longer because of this brightener. It really gives your face an extra pop and keeps your concealer on all day! 

You have to try this spray out for yourself to see why everyone raves about it so much! It keeps my makeup in place all day and I love using it when my face feels extra dry! Its so refreshing! If are wearing fake lashes, make sure to spray it before so it doesn't mess up the glue on your lashes :) 

What's in your makeup bag?!


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