Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Organization 101: How I Organize My Planner

One of the most requested type of posts I get from y'all is all about my organization tips, so today on the blog I am sharing how I organize my planner. I am a true believer that if you have a plan written out for your week with tasks, events, errands, etc. that your week will go by much smoother! 

For starters, you have to have the right ---and cute--- equipment to build an organized planner that you are going to enjoy following. I absolutely swear by this planner from Erin Condren. The set up of the weekly pages and the stylish design actually keep me wanting to use my planner! I specifically really love this style and this one

I am a very visual person so using lots of visually pleasing aesthetics like stickers is a must for me. Michael's is my happy place and I specifically love this sticker set and this one. They have lots of different themes to choose from but those brands are the best ones in my opinion as far as quality and planner type stickers go. I could sit for hours decorating with all my sticker books LOL. 

This may also seem a little silly, but you definitely need the right kind of writing utensil. Marker pens definitely work the best as they write with a fine line but are permanent and don't bleed through the page. I personally love these and these

As far as planning goes, I make sure to keep what I write precise and to the point. It makes it much easier to see what my tasks/to-dos for the day are and I can just check everything off once I am done! For example, for my work I teach classes throughout the day. So instead of writing '11 am-930 pm: teaching', I write the specific times that I teach, so I can see visually where I have breaks in between to complete other tasks. This actually helps me stay organized with other to-dos with blogging and errands so I can be more efficient with my time. 

I also have stickers that look like little check lists. In my planner, I will put these in the margin on the left hand side and write down all my goals for the week. Whether it be to get x amount of blog posts written or to make sure I am drinking six glasses of water a day. I even put little reminders there like no fast food, because I need it haha. So whatever your personal goals are for the week/month, write them down in the extra room of your planner so you are seeing that written down reminder. Writing down your goals and visually seeing them every day are actually proven to be extremely helpful in achieving goals! 

Decorating is the best part for me! It is like my own personal therapy session LOL. I decorate week by week and try to complete every upcoming week on the Sunday prior (key word try LOL). As long as my week ahead is organized and ready to go it makes the week go by much smoother and I tend to be much more productive.  

Overall, the main thing to remember when organizing your planner---whether it be a personal journal or on a calendar--- is to remember what is best for you. For me, I like it to look visually pleasing so decorating my planner helps me a lot. For others, it may be having your entire month written out in advance. As long as you stay on top of having an organized planner and checking back in with it every day, you will become much more organized and prepared for every day! 

All of my favorite planners and products are linked below

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