Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Whats in my Amazon Cart

One of my favorite things to do is explore Amazon for hours... but really LOL. I am so excited about some items that I currently in my cart and on the way, so today I am going to share with you my current top picks from Amazon! 

1. Designer Dupe Belts: If you have been following me for a bit, you know that I am a sucker for finding a good designer duplicate. The designer belts are all really popular right now, but lets be real-- most of us are balling on a budget and don't want to spend $400+ for a belt. I have found and bought these dupe belts and wear them ALL the time. The quality is so great that you can't even tell they aren't the real deal. I highly recommend all of these. 

2. Detergent: Okay-- this one may seem silly but I swear this stuff smells like heaven. I used to use it for all my sheets and towels and a little goes a long way. To be honest, I totally forgot to reorder some once I moved and now I am about to order a super jumbo size. Diva is the scent to go with!

3. Two Pack Tees: These basic tees come in a pack of two and are only $18 for both--steal! There are a few different print and color options they come in and are perfect for layering or wearing by themselves.

4. Floppy Fedora Hat: I have been on the hunt for a good hat I can dress up, because this girl definitely does not feel like washing her hair all the time. The reviews on this hat are great and I have seen a few other bloggers wearing it in pictures-- so A+ on this $16 hat. I cannot wait for it to get here. 

5. White Marble Diffuser: I have also loved essential oils and diffusers, but since I have been pregnant I am seriously addicted to using them all the time! Diffusers are not the prettiest items to have lying around, so when I found this white marble diffuser it was a miracle!! Cannot recommend it enough!

6. Clothes: I could talk about each item individually, but I feel like that is a bit silly. These are a few items that were either backordered or have amazing reviews that I was able to finally go ahead and order! I cannot wait for all of it to come in. I will definitely do a big try on session with all of it! 

7. Ice Roller: The best $10 you will ever spend on your skin-- trust me!! I can tell a major difference in my skin when I use my ice roller everyday vs when I haven't in a while. Ice rollers help soothe redness, reduce puffiness, release toxins by flushing fluids from your face, tighten your jawline, shrink enlarged pores, brighten under eye circles, and improve blood circulation. All that for TEN DOLLARS! When I am really on my game, I will ice roll my face every morning (great way to wake up!) and at night before I go to bed after I have washed my face. 


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