Wednesday, October 31, 2018

My Secret Weapon to Always Looking Well Rested

Hi babes! Life has been crazy busy lately with work and just life in general. It can be extremely difficult to get enough rest every night with my mind constantly running with the millions of things on my to-do list, especially with my pregnancy insomnia being in full swing. BUT I have a few tricks up my sleeve that help me look well rested and fresh no matter how many zzz's I get the night before that I wanted to share with y'all for today's post.

1. Drink ALL the water:: 
I know I personally struggle with getting my daily water intake every single day, but recently I have been trying much harder to drink at least two liters of water every day. On the days that I drink enough, I can tell a HUGE difference in not only how fresh and awake my skin looks but in my energy level. This tip may seem old school, but I promise it works. My trick is to chug water when I wake up before I get my coffee fix. It is almost like I reward myself for drinking water with my coffee. LOL. I also usually drink a lot of my water at night with dinner or before bed if I haven't had a lot during the day. Keeping water on your nightstand can help you get in those extra ounces you need! 

2. Exercise First Thing
Even if you are extremely tired, doing at least minimal exercise within the first hour of waking up will help you look and feel more energized. By exercising first thing, you get your body moving, get your blood flowing, and also give you that healthy, awake glow. We all know endorphins make you happy and exercising boosts your endorphins, which will in turn put you in a better mood, too! 

3. Oxygen Eye Masks
This trick is definitely the one I recommend the most! I have been using oxygen eye masks from VIIcode for the past three weeks now and I can tell a HUGE difference in my under eye area. My dark circles have been intensely reduced and are not as puffy as they usually are when I haven't gotten enough sleep. What I love the most about the VIIcode Oxygen Eye Masks is how you wear them overnight. I always dread doing masks, because I am a little impatient and don't like waiting to take the masks off. With these oxygen eye masks, you can put them on before going to bed and keep them on for roughly 6-8 hours, meaning you can just remove them once you wake up. How easy is that? I also love to keep my masks in the fridge to achieve the maximum benefits of the mask. The cooler the patches are the better they work. I use my eye masks every other night (3 nights a week) and the box has lasted me about two full weeks. 

**Thank you so much to VIIcode for sponsoring this post**

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