Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Finding the Best Baby Gear with buybuy Baby

Finding the perfect baby gear for you can be quite the challenge, but it can also be so much fun! When we first started looking at all the different gear we were going to need for Baby C, we became so overwhelmed and had no idea where to even start. There are a million brands and they all have pros and cons for different reasons. Baby gear really is a customized process-- are you outdoorsy? are you more of a mall walker? do you want to carry your baby in a carrier/stroller? what kind of car seat features do you want? etc. The list goes on and on, which brings me to my point. If you are expecting, a new mommy, or whenever the time comes for kiddos to pop into the picture, you HAVE to go to buybuy Baby. buybuy Baby has amazing consultation services that are completely free! They can help you with anything from setting up your baby registry, decorating your nursery, and even taking you through each different brands of strollers. 

We were the stroller dummies whenever we first walked into buybuy Baby. After walking out, I feel like I could help everyone choose their stroller. 😂  The consultants are so patient and helpful when trying to decide which stroller is best suited for you and your lifestyle. They take you through a series of questions to help them better understand which strollers would be best for you. Some examples: Are you outdoorsy or more of an indoor family? Are you planning on just one kid for now or do you see yourselves having another little one within the next few years? What features are important to you? The list goes on and on. For us, we are definitely planning on having another addition within the next few years, so a stroller that can be a single and a double was definitely the route to go. You get more bang for your buck and it is just better to go ahead and invest now in a quality stroller. We are also split as far as outdoor/indoor goes, so we also needed a stroller that would be suitable on all terrains. After looking through a few different brands, we decided on the perfect stroller for us: UppaBaby Vista. This stroller not only can serve as a single or a double stroller, but it also has plenty of room for storage (hello shopping LOL) and can be taken on any terrain without messing up the wheels. 

buybuy Baby has so many different, amazing brands that are each suited for different lifestyles. I truly believe buybuy Baby is a one-stop shop for all the baby gear you could ever need. What makes them stand out to me is how helpful they are in helping you make such an important decision! Who knew buying baby gear could be so stress free and fun! 

**Thank you so much to buybuy Baby for sponsoring this post**
All photos courtesy of  Randi Michelle Photography

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