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Third Trimester Bump Update: Baby Showers + Registry Must Haves

A much requested post is coming to the blog today-- Third Trimester Update including all about my Baby Showers and Registry Must Haves!

Third Trimester Bump Update:

Personally, this third trimester has not been too bad for me. I always heard that the third trimester can be a breeze for some people and I truly feel like it has been, especially compared to the first trimester (hello, nausea). There is something so cool about feeling her kick and move around in my belly. Now don't get me wrong, some of those kicks definitely hurt, but it is by far the coolest thing to me.

As far as weight gain, I feel like all of a sudden I just became very visibly pregnant, whereas I wasn't before and people would still ask me in public if I was LOL. As Kenneth likes to say, it looks like I have a big bowling ball in my stomach. The bigger my bump gets, the more difficult it is to sleep well at night and move around. I have found putting a pillow between my legs at night definitely helps. I really wish I would have invested in a pregnancy pillow, but at this stage in the game a long throw pillow works just as well.

Cravings wise, I get asked what I am craving a lot and to be honest I just love all food. There isn't really anything weird that I like to combine together or anything I have to have all the time. I already ate everything and anything all the time before I was pregnant, so I just feel like nothing is too new in this department, except just wanting all types of carbs. My meals have definitely gotten a lot smaller though, because I definitely get full a lot faster since there isn't much room left in my stomach.

We have finally started getting the nursery together, which is really relieving and exciting. Hopefully, the nursery will be almost completely done within the next week. Lots of load of laundry to do and final touches, but overall it is coming together. (** I promise to share the final nursery once it is all set up and ready to go**).

 I have been getting lots of questions on some of my pregnancy must haves so I will link those here. I will also link some of the décor and furniture we have in the nursery so far below.


I feel so blessed and honored to have had some unique and amazing baby showers hosted by all of our friends and family, so I wanted to share as many details as possible with y'all to give you some inspo!

'Vegas Baby' Shower

Hosted by our close friends, this shower was so unique and so much fun! Kenneth and I really wanted to do a co-ed shower since so many of our friends overlapped and we have been dating on and off since high school, so this shower was perfect! Honestly can say that our friends went above and beyond for this one.

For games, we played the 'Who Will' game where you guess if Kenneth or I are more likely to do something. Ex: Who made the first move? Who has a cleaner car? Who will be the more patient parent? etc. That one is definitely a fun one to do with friends and family that know you both very well. There was also a sippy cup beer guessing game, where you could taste test different sippy cups of beer to guess what beer it was. Whoever got the most right on both games got a prize.
They also had a diaper station set up, where you write funny things on the back of diapers, which I thought was super cute.

I will just let the pictures speak for themselves on this one, but they did a phenomenal job with the décor for this shower. They set up a photo wall area, had playing cards everywhere, a casino table, etc.

'Harvest' / Family Shower:

Hosted by a few of my mom's closest lifetime friends, this shower was a dream. When you think of having a dreamy pink and elegant girl baby shower, this is exactly what I pictured. They put so much thought into every single detail that went into this shower, down to smallest décor pieces. My mom even helped handmake some of the customized décor that we are now going to put in her nursery. Hands down was blown away and feeling the love at this shower.

For games, we played the 'Who Knows Mommy Best Game', which believe it or not was actually pretty tricky. For example, "What color are her eyes? What is her full name? What are her hobbies? What are her cravings? How did they meet? etc."  We also played 'Who Knows The Most About Babies' game, where the questions were trivia facts about babies. For example, "On average, how many diapers does a newborn go through? What is the average age of a new mom? What is the first sense a baby develops? etc.

Like I mentioned above, the décor was unreal. This shower was held at Harvest which is in downtown Mckinney on the square. They have a room you can rent for events and it was perfect for a shower! Again, I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Anything you can order, I will link below. If it was a customized item, I will leave the items used to make the item below.

'Dance' Shower:

Hosted by lifelong dance friends/moms, this shower was so elegant and sweet. It was held at my very best friend's family home and everything was perfect and pink! This shower was primarily anyone I knew from the dance world from growing up until now. Put a bunch of dancers in one party and its a good time!

For activities, we played a competition with my favorite saying someone wrote on one of the diapers. So I choose my favorite diaper and then that person got a yummy bottle of champagne! They also had a thank you note and advice card station set up, which was SO helpful. Everyone addressed their own envelope for thank you notes (let me tell you HUGE deal for me) and then also wrote their advice on little cards for me to read later. My favorite advice was from one of my eight year old students-- definitely teared up a little bit on that one.


Registry Must Haves:
There are many different opinions on what are must haves and what are not, but for me personally these are the items I am so glad I put on my registry that I think are must haves.

We used Babylist for our registry and I absolutely loved it. Babylist compiles everything into one list or you can add multiple registries together. I loved this, because it made it so much easier to see everything on one big list. You could also see different places you could buy the item and the difference in cost, which I thought was really nice for guests.

Here is the link to our registry:
Nicole and Kenneth's Registry

**There are a few items not listed on the registry that we had already received like a Dockatot , a pack n play, and our crib, which are also major must haves**

Baby Shower Dresses:
My most asked question was about what I was wearing at each of my showers. I am linking all outfit details below, as well as some other perfect options for baby showers!

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